MPPT charge controllers are they better than PWM chargers

MPPT vs PWM charge controllers

Is there s a difference?


Question always comes up, is MPPT better than PWM?

Answer: A BIG YES

Here is why...
(assuming perfect conditions)


When you connect a PWM charge controller to a 250W solar panel charging a 12V battery, the controller puts out the maximum current the panel produces out, 8A in this case, but only takes 12V from the panel to charge the battery.

12V x 8A = 96W is what the controller puts out to charge the battery, while the panel is capable of 250W.


In this case the controller looks for the best power point from the 250W panel by sweeping the Voltage and Current lines from 0 to MAX and once it has found it, it starts to convert the MAX power into charging the 12V battery. 250W panel puts 30V and ~8A current out.

250W / 12V = 20A

MPPT controller will put out 12V and 20A of current into charging the battery, it takes 30V and 8A from the panel.

At $180 for a basic TS45A PWM charge controller, your charge current is 8A
At $350 for a Phocos MPPT controller your charge current is 20A

This means:

You decide which one is the right controller for you.

What is it?

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