DNMSolar has a successful track record spanning over 14 years in the industry and has completed numerous projects across various locations in Canada. Here are a few local examples.

These Projects range from very small to very large

1x180W Mutsubishi Solar Panel back in 2011 + MPPT Charger and 12V battery and a SureSine inverter... to 200KW on hanger roof... to 85KW on a school in BC...
Our combined installed base since 2011 to date is taking ~10GWh/year off the fossil fuel generation and climing year by year. call us to find out how we came up with this number

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    The simplest setup and design, a lot of companies do it out there, however we do it better... ask us why
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    Hybrid Grid-Tied / Off-Grid
    This craft requires more knowledge and experience, a lot of companies claim they can... ??? We think are the experts in this area and we can prove it... ask us how
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    Hybrid Grid-Tied Off-Grid + Storage
    We went as far as developing our own storage solution and system, grabbed a Pattent along the way and by for it is the simplest and lonest lasting solution in the world... no joke, ask us about the Adaptiphy's ALTO NextGen Storage system.

Latest Work

Here are a few projects we have done... if you have any questions, please call or Email us for more information 1.888.407.1524


The 1KWh ALTO UPS KIT can power your cottage for a life time...

Toronto Project 

Hybrid inverter setup, Net-Metered and ready for Storage

Container Project

Top mounted panels produce power during summer
Side mounted panels guarantee production during winter months

Uxbridge, ON Project 

Hybrid inverter setup, Net-Metered and ready for Storage

Mulmur, ON

200A AC Service equivalent Net-Metered

Hybrid inverter system, ready for Storage

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