micro FIT solar system for your home or business


What is it?

Once we have taken a few measurements from your home we can create a 3D model and lay the solar panels on the roof, then simulate Sun paths and observe shadows for optimum placement, calculate the amount power the setup can generate and dollars it will produce for you every year, while taking into account how Financing options and TAX's would change the total income and what your Return On Investment (ROI) will be.

Figure 1: This 3D model shows solar panels placed on the roof and shows the location of the vents.
Figure 2: Shows early morning Sun on 1-JAN-2011, shadows are long and we can see they fall on some of the panels.
Figure 3: Not only we can look more closely at different parts of the installtion in 3D...
Figure 4: We can also analyze the overall yearly solar exposure and decide if it makes sense to place the panels in a specific area or not.

Here green indicates total exposure and red little or none.

Since we have room to move the top row to the left, we can gain more of the sun light and generate more power. Simulation shows this before installation and saves time and money.
Figure 5: Compare this and figure 4. by moving the top row panels to the left, we managed to improve power generation 4.6% and 12% from left to right.

What is it?

- Hydro Generation - microFIT - MPPT or PWM Charge Controller - Net Metering - Off Grid
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